This past weekend, I had the pleasure of seeing Mr. Rod Bright Light Bright Light Thomas, Mizz Ana Matronic of the Scissor Sisters and JD Samson & MEN brave the polar vortex and unite for a fantastic showcase at Littlefield in Brooklyn to benefit the Hetrick-Martin Institute, a LGBTQ youth education and advocacy organization.

Good people, good music, good dancing — and all for a great cause.

As Bright Light Bright Light wrapped up his set with Xavier and Bridget Barkan, Ana Matronic, the evening’s host, hopped on stage to join the troupe for an unexpected cover of the Pet Shop Boys classic, “West End Girls.”

Naturally, it went down big — and luckily enough for us, they’ve put it on record.

The sparkling rendition retains the essence of the iconic original, but supplies a smooth electro-pop gloss to the track — you know, as Bright Light Bright Light is wont to do. And Ana’s breathy delivery of those verses? Pure ferocity.

“We were planning to do something together as a special one off for the benefit gig in New York. Ana suggested covering this, as we’re both huge PSB fans, so we spent an afternoon recording it and rehearsing it and did a little recording of it while we were rehearsing,” he explains of the cover.

A solid suggestion, indeed.

MuuMuse is happy to premiere the official studio version of Bright Light Bright Light & Ana Matronic’s cover of Pet Shop Boys’ “West End Girls.”

This one’s for East End boys and West End girls alike. Listen below!