Wrathschild is born.

Following the release of his sophomore record R∆ in 2011 and the WWW mixtape back in October, LA-based singer-songwriter, Boy Robot and friend of mine (FULL DISCLOSURE, because #journalism) Simon Curtis has been steadily putting together a #secretprojectrevolution of his own: Wrathschild, an electro-pop duo two years in the making formed with fellow talented singer-songwriter Ro “Wolfy” Danishei, who you might already know from her own solo debut, End Of The Rainbow.

While they’ve already popped up on several songs together in the past (including “Michelle” and “Wicked Baby”), the two have formally joined forces in 2014 with “Fall Into Love,” a soaring, anthemic power pop debut dedicated to that old school kinda love.

“I never hear love songs on the radio no more,” Ro laments across a moody atmospheric build. “I want the real thing — just like an ’80’s movie!” And then, woosh — in comes that arena-sized hook of a chorus that could easily fit snugly on a One Direction record (“It’ll be like in the movies with your bass pumping in the night!”). Simon comes in later, supplying a silky smooth, vibrato-filled verse of his own. (The term “walk of shame” has never sounded quite so tender.) Together as one, their voices drive the track home.

There’s plenty of ear candy that’ll keep this one firmly lodged in your brain, especially the tribal “Ooo-OOH!” chant (think Katy Perry‘s “Roar,” sort of). It’s purely a windows down, sing-along affair (tried and true) — especially once that extended breakdown comes pounding into the speakers.

Considering a male-female duo isn’t really a thing on Top 40 radio right now (aside from Karmin), Wrathschild is a fresh move to make in the pop scene right now — and “Fall Into Love” is the perfect punch of pop for the duo’s long-awaited debut.

“Fall Into Love” will be released on March 31. (iTunes)