Drink up, children: Danity Kane‘s “Lemonade” is officially out on iTunes.

Now, let me just ‘splain something real quick: At first, I wasn’t really sippin’ that stuff. I Danity Kouldn’t. Even though I’m a ride or die DK stan, I really wanted something that knocked a bit harder — like “All In A Day’s Work.” One might even say I was a hater — with a sour-head look up on my face, no less. (Lemonade, lemonade.)


But then, I kept listening. (Lemonade, lemonade.) And listening. (Lemonade, lemonade.) And listening some more. And as it turned out, I just couldn’t get that citrus-filled chorus out of my head. (Lemonade, lemonade.) Also, that nasty live routine?

So, I was like okurrr: Summer anthem. “Show Stopper” 2.0. Sure. Fine. C’mon, lemonade!


But of course, the (few remaining) ladies of Danity Kane still hadn’t put “Lemonade” on iTunes.

LADIES. Do you want a hit? Do you want people to legally purchase your music? Or do you want people to ratchetly rip the song from Soundcloud? Do you know what the hashtag #BuyLemonadeOniTunes means when it’s not on iTunes? NOTHING.

So finally, I vented earlier this afternoon.

And two hours later, THIS happened.

Look, I don’t want to claim sole responsibility for this feat, but literally who else could it have been?

I’m drunk on power — and lemonade.

Moral of the story: When life gives you lemons, you put them on iTunes.

And now…



“Lemonade” was released on May 28. (iTunes)