Found-footage isn’t a very new concept in horror movies, from The Blair Witch Project to Cloverfield to [Rec] to the endless string of Paranormal Activity sequels. But as far as pop divas employing the tactic? Not quite as common.

Ariana Grande‘s really gone after my horror-lovin’ heartstrings with the apocalyptic shaky cam visual for “One Last Time,” a melancholy highlight from her sophomore record, My Everything.

Rather than serving up sentimental green-screen heartache or dull Tumblrwave visuals for the tune, she’s recruited Riveting Entertainment director Max Landis to create a nightmarish little scenario involving Earth passing through the tale of the Eurydice comet. (Sure!) And it’s pretty clear from the get-go: Ain’t nobody making it out of here alive.

There’s a lot to appreciate about this video: The fact that she went this shaky cam route in the first place and interpreted the message of “One Last Time” on a very literal level. The fact that, true to mini-diva form, she only turns back at the camera from her left side. The obvious homage to “Hold It Against Me/”Till The World Ends” post-Apocalypticney. The fact that her man is played by her Victorious co-star, Matt Bennett. And most of all, her complete and utter nonchalance when it comes to evading police, gunshots, creepy old dudes, explosions, smoke and hellfire raining down from the sky.

Ariana Grande: Calm, cool and collected in life-threatening emergencies. Freaks the fuck out during Madonna performances at the Grammys.

There’s just the right combination of cheesy camp (the green screen!), terror and pop gloss to the whole thing. I’m a bit obsessed, actually.

“One Last Time” was released to radio on February 10. (iTunes)