Out With The Old, In With The New: Tinashe Takes A ‘Joyride’ Into Album 2

She won’t be ignored, motherfuckers.

She won’t be ignored, motherfuckers.

Behold: The new era is upon us.

After dropping Aquarius, the Greatest Album of 2014 (BET ON IT), as well as yet another dope mixtape at the beginning of the year (Amethyst), Tinashe‘s barely had a minute to take a (bated) breath, touring ’round the world on an international album promo tour and winding and grinding across the stage on Nicki Minaj‘s Pinkprint Tour. She’ll also be heading down to entertain South America (yes, that’s you, Brazil!) on Katy Perry‘s seemingly never-ending Prismatic World Tour this fall.

But wait…there’s more.

Last night, Tinashe dropped a searing, super sexy visual for her Aquarius jam “Bet,” with a delicious “Feels Like Vegas” cameo thrown in at the end for good measure.

And you know what? I see you, Tinashe: Strutting and stretching around late night in a tunnel? This is an obvious homage to her impromptu Britney dance session inside a traffic-filled NYC tunnel four years ago.

Look how far she’s come since then! But just like Brit Brit, she just wants moah.

The few remaining strings of the Aquarius campaign have only just been neatly tied together, but we’re already driving directly into Era 2: Welcome to the Joyride.

Album #2 is now roaring down the highway toward us later this year, and these mediocre acts wasting time sleeping at the wheel better swerve out of her lane real quick. (Petition for a Grand Theft Auto: Joyride spin-off series? Just putting that idea out into the world.)

In an interview with Rolling Stone, the “2 On” titan, who found inspiration in Nicki’s “unwavering sense of confidence and badassness” while out on the road (WHAT’S GOOD?), confirms that the Boi-1da-produced “Party Favors” — an “in-your-face first impression” — is hitting our ears very soon. Like, next week soon.

And she’s quite literally got all hands on deck for this go-around: Max Martin. Dr. Luke. Dev Hynes. Full house.

While she’s promised to stay true to her moody bedroom-made mixtape vibez on this go-around (thank God), she’s unabashedly hungry for some pop hits. (Aren’t we all?) “A big part of it was the focus going into it, which was that we weren’t going to make a lot of songs, and it wasn’t going to be so experimental. We definitely knew what we wanted going in, and we were a lot more efficient in achieving it,” she explains.

You ready for the second coming? She won’t be ignored.

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