Lana Del Rey Is Burning Up For Your Love In “West Coast” Video

Down on the West Coast, they got a sayin’…if you’re not burnin’, then you’re not playin’.

The video for Lana Del Rey‘s heaven-sent Ultraviolence maybe-lead-but-possibly-buzz single “West Coast” has arrived.

True to form, the cinematic clip follows our Lord And Savior Del Rey as she twirls at the beach with her tattooed bad baby Bradley Soileau, who you’ve seen her galavanting with before in “Born To Die.” Together, they playfully horse around in the sand, giggling and splashing ’round in the water. You know, as lovers do.

In another scene, she’s glamorously puffing a cigarette and serving Old Hollywood glamour alongside a significantly older bad baby, cruising down the coast and, presumably, goin’ ’bout 99.

What happens next? Well, like The Holy Spearit‘s “Perfume” video, not a whole lot. It feels like something should happen — but nothing ever does. The brightest moment comes toward the very end, as Lana dramatically twirls, sways and pouts while a burning desire — or rather, a raging fire — roars in the background and licks at her hair. (No, not actually.)

This isn’t quite as thrilling or immaculate as “Ride” or “National Anthem,” but hey…it’s nice enough, and aesthetically on point.

Twirl on and keep making those sweet, sweet sounds, babygirl.

“West Coast” was released on April 22. (iTunes)

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