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Hi. I’m Bradley, and this is MuuMuse.

MuuMuse is the premiere sassy, classy music blog for pop commentary, interviews, album and concert reviews, contests and daily Muusings regarding any and all things POP.

The site is (mostly) written in an amuusing manner (or “a hilarious enjoyable conversational swaggy manner,” according to singing sensation/living legend, JoJo), although it can be very serious face too. That’s the beauty of writing for oneself and not ‘the man.’ If offenced, feel free to pick up an ear condom at the door.

Oh, and yes–there’s an entire section devoted to Britney Spears.

Deal with it.

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Bradley Stern was born and raised in Connecticut with his loving parents, his younger sister and a dachshund named Spike.

He first founded MuuMuse back in December of 2007 during a particularly slow day at his winter internship. Graduating from Brandeis University in 2010 with a BA in Media Studies (and a heightened awareness of gender non-specific left-wing Jewish veganism), he’s gone on to intern at Interview Magazine and has written for several publications, including V Magazine, Attitude and Queerty. Apart from MuuMuse, he now contributes regularly to MTV Buzzworthy and Idolator and has been featured in the New York Times.

His grandmother is quite proud of him.

When he dies, he wishes to be buried with his Britney collection and his Girls Aloud singles box set, and for the lyrics to Paris Hilton’s “Fighting Over Me (feat. Fat Joe & Jadakiss)” to be read aloud by Chloe Sevigny during his funeral.

If you’d like to contact Bradley, berate him, or reaffirm his brilliance, e-mail him at [email protected].



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