4 Minutes To Save The World? Should I Pack A Sweater?

Timbaland, almighty producer of all music created from 2005 to 2007, has teamed up with the Queen of Pop herself, Madonna, for her next studio album due out in the first quarter of 2008.Image credit to forgottenjournal.com
During his performance at the Jingle Ball concert in Philadelphia last week, Timbaland premiered what many people believe to be Madonna’s first single from the album, called “Four Minutes To Save The World.” Shockingly, the song made way onto the Internet immediately after being played. Everyone downloaded the video, Perez posted it, and then Madonna ripped him a new one. Well, through her publicists anyway.

Let’s get one thing straight off the bat: The title is amazing. Kudos to Madonna, or whoever decided the lyrics for this one. Love it. Anywho, the track is low quality and barely audible over his obnoxious rapping. From what I could hear, it’s very Timba-heavy. Even at the best moments (the chorus bits), the song is nothing I haven’t heard already. Don’t get me wrong, it seems like a fine track, but Nelly Furtado, Justin Timberlake, or any of the other singers that have taken a ride on the Timbawave could have pulled this one of out their asses.

Anywho, here’s some video with the song:

Verdict: Timbalame so far.

Outta My Head

Outta My Head

While I spend the rest of the night trying to wrap my head around the

Guy with the terrible hair, back off.

Guy with the terrible hair, back off.

My face is being strange today

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