Just in case Soulja Boy wasn’t enough, Nicole Kidman’s representative confirmed tonight that she too has been makin’ babies.

Her rep tells “Extra,” “Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban confirmed today that they are expecting a baby. The couple are thrilled.”

The couple are? What kind of speak is this? Regardless, congratulations to Nicole! Sometimes I forget how much I enjoy her. That’s when I like to sit back, pop in my Moulin Rouge, and let the good times roll. OH. But not ’til the end. I can’t watch the ending…I always turn it off after they finish singing “Come What May.” Call me an old fashioned romantic.

Róisín The Roof

Róisín The Roof

Róisín Murphy’s new single, You Know Me Better, is coming out soon, and

Pieces and Pieces

Pieces and Pieces

I know you’re tired of them, but I think I might have found a new

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