Daily B: All Right?

Not only did Britney show up to her deposition on time and in good spirits today, but she also offered up some conversation with the paparazzi. She revealed to them that the new single from Blackout is to be “Hot As Ice.” She was seen working on a performance involving a chair at Millenium Dance Studio for three hours on Sunday night, according to People Magazine. X17 reports the quoted conversation with Britney:

“I don’t like the Piece of Me video,” Brit said to our photogs. “The stuff they show of me on TV looks old.”

Brit’s displeasure with how her last video came off could be one of the reasons she’s decided to take control and go back into the dance studio Sunday.

So what can we expect for the next video?

“I wanna do something new, something really cool,” Brit announced to the group.

Now, I don’t know if this is just one of her better days or if she’s slowly gaining clarity, but at least she’s seemingly showing some consciousness in regards to her career and personal life. Will this pan out? Probably not. But here’s to being a hopeless optimist!

Source: X17

Crashing Sounds

Crashing Sounds

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A Daily B Thought

A Daily B Thought

Now, I may be eating my words for saying anything encouraging about her

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