A Daily B Thought

Now, I may be eating my words for saying anything encouraging about her behavior, but I simply cannot help but slightly enjoy the antics of Lady B this week. For one, the British accent is as intact as ever. Secondly, this video of Britney interacting with the paparazzi and a homeless man. Starting at 2:15 minutes, As she smokes on her cigarette mid-drive, in which she says with all her Brit-ness, “You’re better off being homeless than being me, sir.” And as soon as she’s questioned as to what part of England she hails from, she goes mum. Undoubtedly because she doesn’t know any specific part of England. Instead, she writes them off with, “Alright. Thank you very much, please let me go.” She’s a bit Joan Crawford lately, now isn’t she? “It’s been a long time since I’ve had fun…I love you men.” she declares. I can’t help but swoon. Crazy? Probably. Entertaining? As always.

Daily B: All Right?

Daily B: All Right?

Not only did Britney show up to her deposition on time and in good spirits

Wowed Out.

Wowed Out.

All I write about it Kylie lately

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