Wowed Out.

All I write about it Kylie lately. I swear, this is the last “Wow” post. At least until the bonus tracks leak, but at least they’ll deserve their own title. I mean, I don’t even like the single! But you have to give the people what they want, right? And by people, I mean a scattered few visitors. So finally, I present all of the “Wow” remixes, complete and zipped for your protection and pleasure. Like a Trojan.

DL: Kylie Minogue – The WOW Mixes

Contains these fabtastic tracks:

Wow (Radio Edit)
Wow (Fuck Me I’m Famous Mix)
Wow (CSS Mix)
Wow (Death Metal Disco Scene Mix)
Wow (MSTRKRFT Remix)

A Daily B Thought

A Daily B Thought

Now, I may be eating my words for saying anything encouraging about her

Sampling Music for the Right to Wash Hair

Sampling Music for the Right to Wash Hair

News from Japan!

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