Freak In The Sheets

I’m not normally one for Snoop. I’ll say it.

So when inklings of his new single came out back in December, I was quite naturally less than interested. However, a mere freeze-frame image on the YouTube clip of his new video created a strange curiousity within me. It seemed slightly…vintage. And so it was.

I had no idea how melodious and wonderful this song would turn out to be. A vocoded paradise, swirling around a synth heaven that might as well have come from an album track of either Minogue, Snoop’s latest single borrows the feel good R&B from the good ‘ol days (note: days during which I was not yet born), and pure, crass lyricism. Before I knew what hit me, I was listening to the unedited version, “Sexual Eruption,” on the daily and nightly. Bonus fun fact: “Sexual Eruption” features my favorite lyrics of the fourth quarter of 2007: “Wanna take her to the crib to exchange fuck faces.”

Weeks later, heads were talking…making outrageous claims regarding Robyn organizing some sort of official remix for this most brilliant song. I said “Nay, talkers. Nay.” Today, I have come to find myself proven wrong. Yet again. I should have thought it through…a down-beat banger about having a sexual eruption? Robyn would have been all over this like a sexual eruption. And now, she has.

It’s good. And I mean, deliciously good. She brings the chorus into the present, ad-libbing as she does so well. “Mama’s gonna sex you up”? It’s a surefire hit, though no one seems to be catching on to this song. Come on and play catch people…Doggy Dogg’s got a bone for you.

DL: Snoop Dogg – Sexual Eruption
DL: Snoop Dogg ft. Robyn – Sexual Eruption (Fyre Department Remix)

Daily B: Beautiful

Daily B: Beautiful

Not too much happening on the Britney front, aside from a (court mandated?

Daily B: Dancing Dirty

Daily B: Dancing Dirty

Yes, yes!

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