Daily B: Beautiful

Not too much happening on the Britney front, aside from a (court mandated?) visit to a psychiatrist’s home for an hour yesterday and a quick stop or two at Starbucks. Oh, and the unveiling of a strange new Chinese tinged Latin accent.

Anywho, reports are swirling that the latest Blender Magazine issue’s main feature will be regarding Britney, and that there’s some sort of “bombshell” cover to be released. Blender Magazine tends to deliver accolades to Britney when merited, so I believe this will be a potentially positive release. I just hope the cover photograph comes from a proper photoshoot. And that it involves scantily cladness. Though that wouldn’t be much of a stretch now, would it?

Speaking of photoshoots, two stunning photos from a shoot sometime last year have leaked. And yes, they’re absolutely gorgeous. It’s refreshing to see that she can still clean up a few times a year.

Click to see them in higher quality.

Sources: BMK, X17

The Other Side of Wow

The Other Side of Wow

No, not another “Wow” post

Freak In The Sheets

Freak In The Sheets

I’m not normally one for Snoop

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