Introducing…Émilie Simon

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably wondering what Émilie Simon is up to lately. Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be anything new. And so, I guess I’ll do some sort of summarization of who she is for those who don’t know.

Émilie Simon is sort of like the more electronic-focused Björk of France. Like Imogen Heap, Émilie’s music is organic; built from unique, crawling beats and unusual sounds found in the most remote areas of nature. As the daughter of a sound engineer and a studious little bee, she learned the in’s and out’s of music production and slowly grew as an artist. I love the fact that she is responsible for the production of her music. Despite what my most avid readers may think, I respect artists from either realm: self-produced or manufactured. Émilie sings in both French and English, and her “Greatest Hits” of sorts was released in America in 2006. Since then, not much has happened, though she did the scoring for the March of the Penguins in France which is rather exhilirating.

Her work is absolute eclecticism. It’s difficult to describe. I suppose I could throw some names in that come to mind, but they’ve already been mentioned. So try some tidbits, instead. “Flowers” is short but to the point, it’s a blink-and-you-miss-it photograph of a sweet little crush built up and destroyed within two minutes. With a bit of a stalker vibe. So essential. Then there’s “Fleur De Saison,” the moody electro-rocker filled with delicious beats. And finally, “Dame De Lotus,” the undeniably infectious minimalist electro.

DL: Émilie Simon – Flowers
DL: Émilie Simon – Fleur De Saison
DL: Émilie Simon – Dame De Lotus

If you liked what you heard, make sure to Buy Émilie Simon’s album The Flower Book at Amazon.



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