Introducing something you’ve probably seen before but in many different pieces: Madita, a singer from Germany.

To begin, I saw her latest single’s video, “Because.” As “Strawberry” noted on the PopJustice! forums, she is a blend of Feist on the verses and Rachel Stevens on the chorus of the song. It’s the music Feist wouldn’t dare spill from her lips; the complexity that Rachel Stevens could never properly pull off. Not that it’s the most complex song structure, but the core piano chords are literally the same as “My Moon, My Man,” minus one bright note at the end. You’ll notice this as soon as you play the track. But the track turns jazzy and significantly lighter. In fact, it’s eventually riddled with bright pianos and heaving sighs, blocking out the seemingly daunting atmosphere from the harsh piano sounds below. Please note: The song is still a bit far away from her actual sound after analyzing her Myspace, so take note before viewing. Anywho, I don’t know if she’ll be sued down the line for copyright infringement, but if she’s not taken away in shackles, then hopefully she’ll continue to wrap herself around brightly colored linen.

I visited Madita’s website after seeing the new single to find out her “deal,” and it seems she was born in Vienna in 1978, making her 30 as of this year. She’s already had a debut album, and that too, the upcoming album due January 25th, is her second. (Get it? Ha!) She reminds me of Shakira during the era in which she first broke out in the United States. I say this because of the absolutely absurd usage of language she possesses, including her allusion to energy being sucked out of her to a baby and breasts.

And then I decided to explore her music. That’s when I got genuinely excited. Her featured music on Myspace is as interesting as she appears, the songs diverse and intriguing. I was getting a sense of Bitter:Sweet (essential jazz-lounge-electronica that you’ve heard everywhere before). With a sound that is smothered in lounge-like vocal tricks with a hint of sexuality and a significant amount of an older allure, it seems like Madita possesses exciting potential to unite smooth classic jazz with fresh vitality. I’m highly looking forward to exploring her work in detail later tonight!

Give it a go, let me know how it works for you.

Watch “Because.” Please don’t take it as a representation of her work…it’s rather poppy compared to what she actually does.
Then, listen to this remix of it by Edgar Tones, which sounds a bit closer to her sound.
Finally, go to her Myspace and hear some more from the upcoming album.

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