Gimme That

Not that I’m one to beat a dead performance, but new details have been revealed regarding the actual nature of the planned “Gimme More” performance, told by Criss Angel himself. It essentially involved Britney splitting into several Britneys, turning into birds, floating, and reappearing into the audience. Seems Ms. Thang didn’t want to rehearse. Read the full interview at JustJared.

While this could be a ranting, raving bash-fest, criticizing her for being too lazy and unmotivated, I believe it would be rather tasteless considering the revelations regarding her mental health during this time. Instead, consider this post as closure to the question of what could have happened that night.

And you, what do you think?

Jumping Into Pools With Yo Clothes On

Jumping Into Pools With Yo Clothes On

Finally, our prayers have been answered

It’s Bradley, Bitch.

It’s Bradley, Bitch.

Don’t call the search crews out just yet everyone, I have returned

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