Photoshoots and Teddy Bears


Aww, look how cute she is! Promotion is in full swing for Utada’s next single, HEART STATION/Stay Gold, and the photoshoots have begun surfacing on the interwebs. I mean, sure she doesn’t really look like herself, but since when was that important? Next step: Taking her away from the keyboard. Seriously. This woman should not be in charge of her blogging destiny…all she does is write about her stuffed bear, Kuma. Like, an entry per day. For the past. TWO YEARS. WE GET IT, HIKARU. IT’S BIG AND BROWN, AND VERY, VERY FLUFFY.

And the song that you wrote, written by Kuma which was sold to the public. For someone who wrote songs with such conviction as “Colors” and “Passion,” it’s no wonder that these moving, existentialist lyrics came pouring out:

“I am a bear, a bear, a bear. I am not a car, I am a bear, a bear a bear. I can’t walk, but I can dance. can’t talk but I can sing. My rival is fried shrimp. I was probably chocolate in my past life.”

I’m still waiting for a formal apology. Preferably in the shape of a second English album. With no mention of bears of any variety.

And you, what do you think?

Utada Hikaru – Stay Gold

Utada Hikaru – Stay Gold


Don’t Let the Rose Tinted Glasses Fool You!

Don’t Let the Rose Tinted Glasses Fool You!

Alright, taking this show from the East to the West, I’m moving on to an

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