Not Down For The Count

Many of my fellow self-proclaimed pop scholars will agree that one of the greater tragedies of late was the cancellation of Alesha Dixon‘s not-so-anticipating solo album. Alesha, for those unaware, was a member of Misteeq, a short lived three piece band that produced such classics as “Scandalous” and that’s about it (though they had their own Greatest Hits album). Alesha sought a solo career shortly after their demise. She had released her two singles, “Lipstick,” and “Knock Down,” which were short lived hits before her eventual career collapse leading to an inevitable celebrity dance show appearance. In her first career victory, Alesha won Strictly Come Dancing in the UK.

Sounds like a whole bucketful of fail, right? Well it is. Or was, really. Lucky for us, the album was not completely canned. Instead, Alesha’s original solo album was just serviced to Asia today. Did she have an audience there? Guess we’ll find out. Even the album cover changed (for the worse). Is somebody doing this for fun, or is this genuine sabotage, people?

Regardless, the album is full of funk-pop genius. Alesha’s ferocious raspy vocals are truly delightful; it’s a shame she wasn’t accepted by the general public. She’s got that old souled voice that would have been warmly received in the golden days of Motown. As far as the music, the beats here are simply unstoppable. I already knew that her singles were fire, but after hearing the album in its entirety, I can officially label her career’s buckling “a total and utter shame.” For a limited time, I’m offering the album in full, along with two or three track highlights to introduce Alesha, so please don’t miss this.

At her best, Alesha resembles a female incarnation of Prince. I’m really impressed with the melodies throughout. I’m thinking the best description of the song quality is Amy Winehouse‘s vocals on top of baile-funk music like “The Hook Up” from Britney‘s In The Zone. The album will be sorely missed on this side of the world. I give it an A. Perhaps even an A+. Truly!

DL: Alesha Dixon – Fired Up (FULL ALBUM)
DL: Alesha Dixon – Lipstick
DL: Alesha Dixon – Hypnotik
DL: Alesha Dixon – Knock Down

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