Control Her, Already.

Last night, Discipline leaked in full. And it’s got a whole lot of rhythm to offer, clocking in at over 22 tracks (with 9 of the 22 being interludes). Whether talking to her Japanese robot friend Kioko or goofing around with her girls in the bathroom ’til the place gets a bit too stinky, Jackson’s out to prove that she’s just here to have herself a good time. Oh, and I guess we’re supposed to consider it a coincidence that the album’s title is synonymous with her best-selling breakout, Control.

While the album track sharing the same name annoys me to no end, the album can indeed be best described as a rollercoaster. There are some absolute shining moments, including the first single “Feedback,” the layered groove “Luv,” synth-heaven shakers like “Rock With U” and “2Nite,” and the Daft Punk sampled “So Much Betta,” toward which I’ve had a complete change of heart. After a few listens, I basically got it. It’s simplistic, yet addictive. Despite all this, there are some steep declines along the way…most notably in her lackluster ballad sections, excluding “Can’t B Good.” Don’t forget the Missy duet either, which I considered perfection on paper. Who knew it would turn out to be a dull bell ringer in the vein of J. Lo’s “Get Right”? If she actually sang her parts instead of resorting to the dumbed-down, restrained sex voice, Janet might have been able to deliver the kick that’s missing here. Further on, the album continues to slip. I can’t even remember what the mid-tempos like “Whats Ur Name” and “Curtains” sound like five minutes after hearing them, if thats any testament to their originality. And lastly, the title track itself…The silky groove is enjoyable in itself, as it is clearly meant for the baby making. But it’s difficult to listen to the full song in completion, clocking in at five minutes with nearly no structure between her huffing and puffing.

Overall, it provides many more hits than misses. But when it misses, it agitates. Despite that, this is a much stronger release than the agonizing 20 Y.O. of two years ago, and provides a heavy set of jams that are both enjoyable and danceable.

DL: Janet Jackson – Luv
DL: Janet Jackson – Can’t B Good
DL: Janet Jackson – Discipline

Britted Out

Britted Out

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