Miley Cyrus is having quite a moment – some might even say it’s shaping up to be her best era yet.

And while, yes, the newly named Plastic Hearts era has largely been dominated by covers (and the amazing “Midnight Sky”!), they’re still damn good. That includes her most recent duet during her most recent Backyard Sessions MTV special with her baby sister Noah, on Noah’s own song “I Got So High That I Saw Jesus,” which is featured on her 2020 EP, The End of Everything.

It’s about, you know, when you’re so high that you see Jesus.

“We didn’t write the song for a certain belief system or one religion. It’s for anybody and everybody. It’s also not specifically about shoving marijuana in your face. I’m just explaining my experience of, yes, I’ve had times where substances have made me come to a self-realization, a come-to-Jesus moment, of things that I just need to be aware of. We are going through such a hard time on this planet right now that I wanted to really bring it back to my roots and be as Nashville as I can be,” Noah previously said of the song for Apple Music.

The two certainly compliment each other’s voices well, as one might expect singing sisters to do – and the song certainly feels soothing in a time when many of us might also be escaping through various vices. Now I only did an edible once in my life, but I did get so high that I saw butterflies coming out of my eyes and accused an Uber driver of kidnapping me – but that’s a different story for a different time.

It’s a touching moment, both in audio and visual form, especially watching Miley’s reassuring glances over at her younger sister. Team Cyrus made the right call yet again to get all these live performances on streaming.

Plastic Hearts will be released on November 27.

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