Whole Lotta History

Things we can ascertain from the upcoming “Can’t Speak French” video after seeing one preview shot in the gossip section of a British magazine:

Someone has forgotten to complete Nicola‘s wardrobe. Undoubtedly because it is Nicola, the “Ginger” of the group.

Sarah is apparently playing the mistress of Frankenstein. One of the girls has also planted a big kisser right on the fun bags. I’m guessing it was Kimberley.

Nadine is perfect.

Cheryl is looking decidedly unaffected, considering husband Ashley’s reported affair being blasted in front of her face.

As usual, the video will be world class, kick ass, and a stilleto full of sass.

The Land of Jacobs

The Land of Jacobs

It’s time to talk frills, y’all

I’m So Pretty!

I’m So Pretty!

Stefy is an electro-pop group from Orange County fronted by a girl named Stefy

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