Daily B: Drawn Together

I didn’t want to say anything until the gossip was confirmed, but it’s quite true. The new video for Britney‘s latest single, “Break The Ice,” shall be animated. Below are three screen caps, courtesy of The Sun in the U.K. And really…this isn’t all bad. It’s not like she’s ever pulled this before. And other artists with recurring success have released songs (Utada for one) that are occasionally backed by animated videos. Rumor has it that Britney wanted this to be animated counterpart to “Toxic”. I believe its her personal stab against Jive for not letting her release her requested single of choice, “Hot As Ice”, but that’s just me. Anyway, the video will premiere on Friday on MuchMusic at midnight, so…Thursday night.

Here are some previews of the animetastic clip for “Break The Ice” while we wait for the full thing. Enjoy!

First Listen: Danity’s Leaking Now.

First Listen: Danity’s Leaking Now.

MTV is now leaking Danity Kane’s new album, Welcome to the Dollhouse, on

Marketing is Fun!

Marketing is Fun!

How clever!

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