“Personal”: Florrie Closes a Chapter Ahead of Her 2024 Debut

The singer-songwriter-drummer gives us A Little Something before her debut album.

“‘Cause maybe this time it’s personal…”

Florrie is back. And this time, it’s personal.

The singer-songwriter-Xenomania in-house drummer powerhouse (and drummer on Girls Aloud‘s “The Promise” and “Something New,” don’t you ever forget it) is tying up one musical chapter with “Personal,” out Friday (December 8), ahead of the release of her debut album in early 2024.

Over the past four years, following an excellent string of EPs, Florrie’s been steadily releasing a stream of reliably great singles, from “Borderline” to “Street Lights” to “Falling Back to You.”

It’s a whole album’s worth of tunes at this point, which is why it only makes sense that she’s bundled them altogether into one easy-to-access Personal package, including a brand new song.

“I know how patient you have all been, and this is a little gift from me to you to say, if you’re new here or an OG, thank you for sticking with me,” she explained on social media.

The lush tune, first penned in Los Angeles on a writing trip and then in London alongside fellow songwriter Clara McHugh, has all the flourishes (Florrieshes, sorry) of a Florrie bop: dreamy delivery, wistful vibes, banging drums and catchy hooks, all bolstered by production from the pop mastermind himself, Brian Higgins. (Fans of anything he’s ever done for the Almighty Aloud will no doubt hear the influence.)

“I recorded these drums in LA over the summer and they were one of the last bits we added to the record. It started out in life as more of a ballad, and I wrote it over a sad eighties synth riff (RIP sad eighties synth riff era) but we spent a lot of time on the production and I love the massive drums (naturally) they just fit perfectly with the lyrics…defiant,” she explains.

“The production was worked on all over the place, a lot of the time in the studio and sometimes on zoom (always secretly filming). It was mixed by someone I’d wanted to work with for AGES, Manon Grandjean, and in true moi style, it went through about a million different versions. But I hope you’ll be able to hear the love and time that has gone into it…this song is the end of an era, and the start of a new one where the music is going to keep coming, so I hope you’re ready??”

Just in time for the nostalgia-inducing return of the Almighty Aloud, as well as a steady influx of new fans thanks to her oft-viral drumming covers on TikTok, it feels like there’s no better time than now for Florrie’s next chapter to begin…and it doesn’t hurt to have A Little Something to tide us over until then.

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