Tinashe‘s Aquarius is one of the best albums of the year. (Obviously.) And, wouldn’t you know? The album’s Best Buy bonus track is incredible, too.

The Nic Nac-produced trap-pop bop is far less spacey and experimental than the bulk of Aquarius, essentially a cross between Rihanna at her most #UnapologeticPowerBottom, Cassie (see “Skydiver”) and a bit of Chris Brown‘s “Loyal” (no wonder — Nic Nac produced that one too).

Allow Tinashe to sit on top and turn you out atop deep bass beats, drippy electro and a chorus that’ll have you positively melting: “Just sit back and watch me work, work, work, daddy…” Your new freak anthem? Methinks yes.

Fuck widdit.

‘Aquarius’ was released on October 7. (iTunes)