The Other Part of Destiny’s Child

Nope, nothing to say about Beyonce today This one’s all about Michelle Williams, the most ignored member of DC3. When everyone went their separate ways a few years ago, it seemed clear that Michelle was only interested in breaking into the Christian market. But as we all know, that act gets a bit old when you can’t show your bitties in the magazines, so she’s (thankfully) decided to go urban-dance diva on us instead.

Her first single “We Break The Dawn” is making the rounds right now, and it’s quite…Unexpected. In fact, that’s the name of her new album coming out this summer. It’s a nice synth-heaven mid-tempo mover, and I quite like it. I always liked Michelle’s voice, especially when B allowed her to sing the first few words of the third verse in a non-single album track. Now I want to see what she’s got. Judging from the album’s summer release date, we may have found this year’s Good Girl Gone Bad. God help us all.

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DL: Michelle Williams – We Break The Dawn

3D Clay and Icelandic Songstresses

3D Clay and Icelandic Songstresses

She never fails to outdo herself in the weird department, now does she?

USA Goes X

USA Goes X

As a reminder to everyone, Kylie‘s X is being released in the States

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