Check out this awesome Album Premiere from Zara Larsson!

Zara Larsson accidentally got famous the other day for putting a condom on her leg and has since become a Feminist Icon, but it wasn’t always this way.

In fact, pre-condom leg, the 17-year-old was only known for her singer-songstressing, having won Sweden’s Got Talent in 2008. She’s had a bunch of hit singles since then back in the homeland, from 2009’s “Uncover” all the way up to last year’s fantastic “Rooftop.” Last year, she dropped her debut 1 (which, conveniently, sailed to #1), complete with songwriting and production assists by fellow Swede-pop goddess Tove Lo, Billboard and Claude Kelly, of Bionic‘s “Glam” fame.

Now, Zara is heading stateside: Not only to put condoms on her leg to promote safe sex awareness, but to release new music as well!

Next week, Zara will be releasing her Uncover EP in America, available for streaming today on MTV.

The collection includes newly polished versions of a bunch of her smashes, all of which just happen to be incredible. (Duh.) Really though, this is the very essence of Swede-pop at its finest: Strong songcraft, powerful melodies and captivatingly pure vocals, from the feel-good, ’80’s synth-soaked “Wanna Be Your Baby” to the thoroughly brilliant “Rooftop” to “She’s Not Me, Pt. 1 & 2,” which glides across ghostly wisps like one long, paranoid internal monologue and/or ode to Madonna‘s Hard Candy jam.

With Tove Lo’s ongoing reign and Zara’s introduction into America, pop is starting to feel like a safe space again.

‘Uncover EP’ will be released on January 20.