Woman On A Mission

Three new screen caps have leaked from the set of Madonna’s upcoming single, Four Minutes”! Which don’t reveal all too much, except the fact that somebody’s in the wrong bathroom (I’m betting on Justin). And that Madonna really likes to make her duel-with-the-youth videos. I’m digging the Ray Of Light era hair, though. Check them out beyond the “read more…” so as not to spoil it!

Also, Madonna’s on a mission to prove that she maintains a well-kept vagina on the latest Interview magazine cover:

Mission accomplished.

Image credit: Madonnalicious

On Trains.

On Trains.

A heap load of apologies is owed to the millions of my dearest, darling readers

Daily B: Cause New Britney’s On A Mission

Daily B: Cause New Britney’s On A Mission

Britney (or her brother) must have been doing some fancy fingerwork with her

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