‘Think About You’: Delta Goodrem Is Back, And This Time, She’s Horny

Just FYI: Delta Goodrem’s thinking about you naked right now.

“I think about you naked when I’m looking at you.”

Two years after dropping her fifth studio album Wings of the Wild, and a few months after STEPS graciously released their own version of her 2012 single “Dancing With A Broken Heart,” Delta Goodrem is back – and she’s spending her days and nights thinking ’bout you. Naked.

That’s right: Delta’s opted to go the Sexy Pop Star route with this latest comeback.

The playfully flirty track – produced with One Direction‘s dream team producers, John Ryan & Julian Bunetta – is a clear bid to appeal to Top 40 sound, falling in line with Selena Gomez‘s bouncy, breathy bops a la “Bad Liar” and “Hands to Myself.” It’s a fairly surprising move too, considering Delta’s usually quite the full-voiced emotional chanteuse. (It actually reminds me of a lot of when Open Toes enthusiast and Smash icon Katharine McPhee decided to do her own image-challenging little seducto-pop moment in 2015 with “Lick My Lips.”)

Delta’s thinking about you naked everywhere, all the time, always. Like, you could be carrying on a conversation with her about the various types of mold you found growing in your apartment, and she’s just sitting there thinking about your genitals the whole time. It’s rude, honestly.

“Every chapter of my career has been different and right now, with this song, I want people to just have fun,” she said of the song.

Naturally, she’s already being met with lots of “I miss your old stuff!” from the stuffy super-fans in the comment. But honestly? That’s too bad, you sexless losers! This might not be the most stunning showcase of the singer-songwriter’s voice, but it’s surely a cute moment of flirty fun. Can’t she have this? Let her think about you naked.

“Think About You” was released on February 16. (iTunes)

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Photo credit: Sony Music Australia

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