t.A.T.u. LOVE

Head over to t.A.T.u.‘s MySpace NOW to listen to their new single “220,” streaming in full! The second single off of their upcoming third album is their most electro-driven song to date, with much more rocking electro crunches and an awesomely haunting vocal performance, as per usual! The Russo duo can simply do no wrong in my eyes.

Here’s information on the release, directly from their official site:

The song “220” was recorded at Bonum Studio (Moscow) and at Sarm West Studios (London).
The music and the lyrics of the song were written by Valery Polienko.

Fresh extravagant video “220” will premiere in May. The video has already been shot and now is in post-production. It will probably be the most colorful of all t.A.T.u. videos.

The song “220” will be included in the two upcoming releases of the band – hyperion-plate “Beliy Plaschik” (released in May 2008, SOYUZ) and the Russian version of the third studio album “Upravleniye Otbrosami” (planned release – June 2008, SOYUZ)

So excited…crank it out girls!

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