Alanis Enthusiasts…

You simply must keep checking the woman’s website! Each day, she’s added photos, videos, and new song snippets in a mini online diary. All this leads to the June 10 release of next studio album, Flavors of Entanglement. There’s been a few other song snippets so far, but I’m completely blown away with “Versions of Violence,” the latest song to be previewed. I’m streaming the clip here, though you can also hear it at her official website. It’s moody, even at times gothic, and totally essential. I could see Amy Lee putting her own spin on this one. Check it out!

Robyn’s Style

Robyn’s Style

Robyn did an awesome performance of “Cobrastyle” on Letterman last

Punching Gold

Punching Gold

When I heard “Creator,” I didn’t want to like her

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