“Burnt Out”: A New Mutya Keisha Siobhan Demo Surfaces

It’s a cruel, ironic twist: Following the release of their (re-)debut single “Flatline” — the best single of 2013 — the Mutya Keisha Siobhan-turned-Sugababes comeback campaign has, erm…done just that.

News has been painfully slow regarding the long-delayed return of the troupe in 2014, aside from the fact that the girls have signed with new management and deservedly re-secured the name “Sugababes” from the now defunct current group of girls. (Sorry, Amelle.)

But today, a new MKS demo called “Burnt Out” surfaced…perhaps as the result of impatience on the producer’s end.

Backed by shuffling beats and stabbing synths, the promising track is like a mix of the minimal, minor R&B of their debut and a more modern electronic production, a la Disclosure or Katy B. “Burnt out like a car, I’m surprised we made it this far/We should really get it together,” the girls melodically croon across the a chorus — a sentiment that feels a little too real given the circumstances.

Though only a demo, “Burnt Out” is still leagues ahead of what’s being served up this year, a solid display of their effortless harmonies and a very important reminder that the Sugababes comeback simply MUST happen. It’s for the good of the pop world.

Let’s get this show on the road, ladies…we need you.

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