Enough About You

Bastard stole my shoes! What’s this? Here we have Boogaloo Stu, an outrageous revivalist of the ’80’s pop-electro scene. In pure, cheeky manner, Mr. Stu’s got enough disco, electro, and go-go underneath his spandex trousers to rival the spinning princess of disco, Ms. Minogue, herself. Right now, he’s releasing a limited copy of his latest single “Magnetic Heart” on June 30th off of his album, Enough about You, Let’s Talk About Me.

I basically have no words for this. The song’s pretty fantastic, but I can’t get over the hair. For more on this curious concoction, visit his official site here!

And for a MuuMuse Excluusive, enjoy the Future Perfect Radio Remix of Stu’s single. Personally, I think it’s quite superior!

Disco Ho

Disco Ho

So, let’s see

Robyn’s Style

Robyn’s Style

Robyn did an awesome performance of “Cobrastyle” on Letterman last

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