Night Life Boogie

I promised myself that I would muster the strength to review the dueling duo of comebacks, a la Donna Summer and Cyndi Lauper) in one go, but I just can’t do it. Why? Because I’m stuck. Stuck! I cannot move past track two of Lauper’s quite-better-than-okay return to the dancefloor in full length album form, Bring Ya To The Brink.

The track in question, “Into The Night Life” was produced by the Swede duo Ã…ström and Bobäck and penned by Max Martin, which in many ways is all that needs to be said regarding the track’s excellence–the man never fails, plain and simple. Pegged as the second single and following the rather disappointing first single “Same Ol’ Story,” “Into The Night Life” is a proper return to grace upon the dancefloor which rivals the best of her contemporary Madonna‘s 2005 attempt.

The song is a quick grow. Tripping chains (one forum member referenced this as Britneyesque “Freakshow” sound) and a skipping synth keep the song chugging along at a proficient pace, with a nice mix of tunnelized synths and siren-y blips in the background. All that, of course, until the icing on the cake: the chorus. “I’ll take ya ’til you’re all spun up,” Cyndi blasts within a glorious Eurodance surge of electricity sent throbbing through the speakers. A hands-up, iconic moment of old-school synthesized glory, it’s nothing short of arresting.

Additional moments of perfection include, but are not limited to:

+ The two second instrumental lead in to the chorus.
+ The sassy “hey, hey, heyyy” bits.
+ The double entrendre of the line “Turn you over baby ’til it’s never enough.” Not really much of an entendre, really…just explicit references to the type of sex the listeners of this kind of music tend to engage in. I’m looking at you, ear sexers.
+ The line “Shirtless wonders wreck my sight under the light.”

I highly encourage you to grab hold of this track. You can listen to a streaming version of it here at Spinner. And if that didn’t motivate you to move enough, perhaps starring in the music video will. Go to Splash Bar in New York on May 20th (tomorrow) at 6:30 P.M., and you’ll be featured!

I won’t lie…I’m tempted to show up. Maybe I’ll wear a silly Roisin Murphy hat.

Kitty Kats

Kitty Kats

And here I thought they were laying the brand to rest after riding the high of

Not Bad

Not Bad

Well, this was a surprise!

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