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And here I thought they were laying the brand to rest after riding the high of their ultimately successful album, PCD. But alas, I was mistaken! The Pussycat Dolls are back with a comeback single–and boy, it’s a hot one. “When I Grow Up” isn’t so much a departure from the sound of the first album as it is a continuation of the music that’s worked for them in the first place. It’s busy, it’s flashy, and it sounds like a musical carnival ride. There’s tons to be said about the song, but this is a well crafted, of-the-moment pop track. Simple as that. Nice to see you’ve come to your senses and given up the solo career, Nicole. It’s not you really…it’s your last name. Fire that agent for allowing you to enter the business without changing it.

And…Beyonce? Yep. Another leaked track from her latest recording sessions. This one’s called “Should Have (Now I Know)”. It’s a trippy, pulling track surrounded by moans and laments and a super sliding, slippery back beat that reminds me of “Starstruck” by Santogold and “Discipline” by Janet. I’m enjoying it, if nothing else because this one doesn’t have any Beyonce-invented words that end up being added to the next year’s dictionary.

And So It Begins…

And So It Begins…

Head on over to Junior Vasquez‘ MySpace now to check out a small preview

Night Life Boogie

Night Life Boogie

I promised myself that I would muster the strength to review the dueling duo of

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