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Decadence, worldly disregard, and outrageous glamour…That’s what we’re all about here at MuuMuse, so it comes as no surprise to anyone that I’ve always had a soft spot for Swedish trio, PAY TV. Though they haven’t even released a debut album, they’ve already been making shallow waves for years after their first two songs, “Trendy Discotheque” and “Refrain Refrain” started circling around 2005. Failing to gain a competitor’s seat in that year’s Eurovision, the band was silenced for over three years, barring an occasional song release. Finally it seems, the ladies are getting properly started. And there’s nothing like a comeback after never really being “here” in the first place, is there?

“Fashion Report,” which I believe first made its rounds back in 2006, has received video treatment that can only be described as absolutely perfect. Featuring the girls in a variety of top quality, stop-motion poses, the video provides plenty of food for thought: Is prostitution really in? When did haute couture go out? Who are these three women that look like they’ve been thawed out from the ’90’s? It’s enough to keep anyone intrigued.

Plus, the band’s featuring the song 100% free on their website, which almost deserves a post of its own. A fake online shop selling thongs for babies with the phrase “Electro Slut,” blogging about cafe lattes with Kylie, and one of the most impressively over-the-top biography pages I’ve ever read. A must see. I’ve uploaded “Fashion Report” which is streaming below, though you can go and look up the madness on their site for yourself. Caution: Dripping irony awaits!

Miley: Bringing Hellfire And Damnation

Miley: Bringing Hellfire And Damnation

Breathe easy, ladies and gentlemen, for the time has come

How Expected…

How Expected…

Quite unexpectedly, the album cover for Michelle William‘s solo album,

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