How Expected…

Quite unexpectedly, the album cover for Michelle William‘s solo album, Unexpected, has surfaced.

What is that there on her shoulder? Is that a bird or something? That’s magestic. Wait, Tenitra Michelle Williams has a tattoo? That was a bit unexpected, I do have to say.

And in keeping with tradition for the modern pop diva album cover epidemic, we’ve got a case of Pop Diva + Bad Font = Album Cover. It’s a problem people, and it’s not just going to stop unless we educate ourselves first and take action. Photoshop is not a toy, and as much as we all appreciate silly free font websites to make banners, I’m taking a stand. Leave our pop stars alone, album designers!

Completely Sane

Completely Sane

Decadence, worldly disregard, and outrageous glamour…That’s what

Daily B: Aunt!

Daily B: Aunt!

Jamie-Lynn‘s popped out a baby girl about two hours ago, named Maddie

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