Eh, Eh.

Missy Elliot‘s been cooking up something new for years it seems. Well, now we’ve got something concrete to work with: Her first single, “Best Best.” Produced by “Gimme More” producer, Danja (which makes itself rather apparent very quickly), the song utilizes the producer’s now signature so-minor-it’s-damn-near-off-key verses (see “Gimme More”), spooky, grinding down beats, and reverb friendly chorus lines. Danja’s done a number on this one, though the overload of futuristic hip-hop screeches and half-hearted vocals ebbs this one toward mediocrity. “I’m feeling this,” Missy roars nearly two minutes in. Me? I’m not so sure yet.

Live Noses

Live Noses

I reckon that should have been the proper video for the single then, no?

Revenge Of The Cats

Revenge Of The Cats

Whenever America’s obsession with fame starts to take a slight dip in

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