Oh, no way. Really? Jessie Ware recorded something incredible? How very shocking.

Two years ago, the soulful UK songstress released her debut LP, Devotion. It was easily one of the year’s best records, supplying us with gems like “Running,” “Wildest Moments,” “Night Light” and “Sweet Talk” among others.

And now, a second serving is coming right up.

“Tough Love” is the result of a two week session in New York City with BenZel, otherwise known as the production duo formed by Two Inch Punch and Benny Blanco.

“It was me experimenting with my voice and having fun with it,” she explained of the collaboration. Evidently, they had a ton of fun with it, since the duo are now the executive producers of Jessie’s follow-up album — and for good reason too, judging by this first listen.

The track is a delicate, atmospheric production, as Jessie’s voice smoothly glides across moody ‘n minimal drum loops. “So you want to be a man about it, do you?/And have you figured out all you wanted? Have you?” she dreamily echoes. And just wait for the song’s stunning final moments, as Jessie’s voice briefly lifts to ethereal new heights.

As a first impression, this is a terribly exciting sign of what’s to come.

And if this is truly what tough love feels like, you’ll be crying out for more in no time.

Now can we get this whole August 3rd release date sorted out? The whole “debuting songs two months in advance of the release date” mindset is so depressingly behind the times. Get with it, UK.

“Tough Love” will be released on August 3 in the UK. (iTunes)