tyDi, Aussie songwriter-producer-DJ superstar, has a new record coming out tomorrow. It’s called Redefined.

Packed full with collaborations like the country-tinged “Stay” with The Voice‘s Dia Frampton to the trance-tastic “Somebody For Me” with Cameron Forbes to “The Closer I Get” with Dashboard Confessional (!), the upcoming electronic collection is an exhilaratingly eclectic mix of songwriters and genres — y’know, as all good forward-thinking music should be.

It’s also #SomethingMorePersonal: As opposed to the now customary email attachment-across-the-world approach, the young superstar opted to hop into the studio directly with every songwriter on his upcoming album — including everyone’s favorite Estonian pop goddess and mother of the devoted Moonchildren, Kerli.

All songs about crushes are generally amazing, and the Kerli-assisted “Perfect Crush” is no exception: The dreamy dance-pop track sees Kerlegend keeping her crush at arm’s length, too afraid to let the love in and ruin the illusion.

The chorus, especially, is a lush moment of bittersweet electro-bliss: “I’m going to keep my heart ’cause I can’t take no more goodbyes/I’m ending it before we start, so you will never make me cry/And you’ll remain the perfect crush,” the diva purrs. (Also, the beginning and ending chords sort of recall Britney‘s “Someday I Will Understand)”?)

It’s truly love at first listen. All hail Queen Kerli!

Redefined will be released on September 30. (iTunes)