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Let’s “spill the truth tea,” as the #trendy kids say: The Saturdays‘ last single “Gentleman” was a hot mess. (The demo, originally recorded by Tinashe a year prior, is actually miles better — but that is a conversation for another day.) But like all good pop acts, feelings of yesterday can float away with the release of a brilliant new single.

That single has arrived: It’s called “Disco Love.”

Now, I know what you’re wondering based on the roller skate-heavy album art: Does it sound like Jessica Simpson‘s “A Public Affair”?

The answer? Not really — but it’s just as good, and you can still merrily loop around a roller skating rink while listening to “Disco Love.” (Unconfirmed, but suspected.)

“Disco Love” is incredible for a few reasons: Most importantly, as PopJustice pointed out, there is a Britney reference: “You take me back in time to 1999 / We hear the DJ playing, hit me baby one more time!”


Also, the line: “It’s never winter when it’s Donna Summer all year long”? 50 Shades of YASSS.

The song itself is a lil’ more chilled out than the UK girl group’s recent output: It’s more of a big, summery power pop single than the full-on, surging club bangers like “All Fired Up” and “What About Us,” full of feel-good dance floor vibrations (scientific term: “disco love“) and soaring hooks (“Baby, baby, bab-ay!“). It’s an instant hit, and plays like a cross between the hook-heavy structure of a One Direction smash and the sound of Mya‘s euphoric J-Pop single, “Fabulous Life.”

Those sax flourishes at the end? Pure bliss!

The only bad thing? Much like Mutya Keisha Siobhan‘s “Flatline,” the song’s being released literally 23,000 years after the song’s premiere — which was today. It’s being released on October 6. We could all very well be dead by then. Bump it up, girls!

“Disco Love” makes me feel so fine, so good and so right. Hit me baby one more time, indeed.

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“Disco Love” will be released on October 6. (iTunes)