Alas, Muusers…I must confess–I have done little but listen to Grace Jones every single day of my vacation. It’s just that she’s got such a massive discography. So much of her albums are worth listening to that I can’t even begin to venture back into other artist’s work at the moment. I pray your forgiveness. My friends and family already hate me for it.

But in one of the few spurts of time that I haven’t been Jonesing, I happened upon an unofficial remix of “Break The Ice” that pleased me greatly inside. Though not exactly perfect, the Danced, Killed & Moved Remix has got all the makings of a proper upgrade to the original track. Most importantly, the mix features a massive throbbing beat that propels the song to new, club friendly heights. Add in a semi-industrial grinding edge to that beat, and you’ve got yourself a pretty solid dance groove. Sure, the vocal mixing is sloppy, but the mix proves the song’s potential even more. I could see this making a hot breakdown in between a performance of the original track. If that day were ever to come…Enjoy!