Now what are they going on about?

PopJustice posted a mysterious update:

Tell you what.
The new Girls Aloud single had better be good.

Some people thought it meant that a song had leaked, or perhaps the latest single, leading most everyone in the land to bustle and crow within the forums until the moderators got all butthurt and closed the thread.

Personally, I think it’s in regards to a single from Girls Aloud’s general competition: Sugababes, The Saturdays, Red Blooded Women, etc. as someone mentioned in the forum. All speculation, of course.

And as for something concrete? The new Girls Aloud 2009 Calendar! Perhaps their sassiest spread yet. Take a look at the cover!

I guess Nadine couldn’t be bothered to look into the camera. She’s got lead vocals to record and a girl group to run…It’s understandable. Let’s analyze further:

Cheryl is either hugging a massive satin tree or this shot has been manipulated (Photoshop!!1!). She wants us to know that:

• She is most definitely single and back on the market.
• But fragile. (Look at the eyes!)
• She enjoys implementing her well sculpted arse into most daily activities.

Kimberley is also making a few statements:

• “I’m a sexy Aloud too, you know.”
• “No, I swear. Look how wet I am!”

And finally, if you squint real hard, you’ll see all twelve shots in this one. Check out December for the real treat–looks like somebody’s grabbing some tush!

Slow Burn

Slow Burn

Saw this posted over at SayHey, and realized how truly luscious it is

We’ve Come To Kick Your Ass.

We’ve Come To Kick Your Ass.


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