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I haven’t been keeping up with my reviews! Blame it on a lack of creativity, or blame it on my brand spankin’ new Emporio Armani boxer briefs I’ve been strutting around in for the past hour while pretending to be David Beckham. They’re nice and form fitting, and best of all, you really can bend it like Beckham when you’re wear them!

But enough about my groin. Well actually, I don’t have much else to say, except that I haven’t kicked my Madonna cravings as of late. And so, I offer my latest obsession, the song currently being forced through the repeat cycle on iTunes: “Sky Fits Heaven.”

Check out Lady M’s essential performance of this dreamy track from the 2001 Drowned World Tour, featuring Asian flair and some proper Geisha wear. Kylie, I don’t care if Jean Paul Gaultier designed this, you looked like a French clown prostitute. In poor man’s drag. Yeesh!

Alright, check back soon for reviews of Lady GaGa, Michelle Williams, and more!

Madge: A Retrospective Through Celebrity

Madge: A Retrospective Through Celebrity

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Introducing…Dan Black!

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