Yes, it’s Sam Sparro. I know everyone’e been clamboring on about him for some time now, but they’ve simply got it all wrong. Sure, “Black & Gold” has a kind of understated genius lurking beneath its lengthiness, and “S.A.M. S.P.A.R.R.O.” is a small rock-n-vocoded masterpiece, but it’s all about the “Sick” for me.

Starting out with those flashing lights synths, the song is a sick, sick stomping massacre. I love how dark and degraded it is. The content is almost obsessive, like a stalker’s ode to his prey. I can imagine Sammy singing this one to his chained victim, prancing around in his skivvies Buffalo Bill style. I guess that’s not much incentive to listen to the song, but trust me, there’s an evil within that’s undeniably attractive.