Man, Just Relax.

Thought I’d post a burst of warm energy for everyone with Tiga‘s “(Far From) Home”, which is not only a superb track, but also happens to have a perfectly fitting video in its favor. If you’ve ever seen me walking, you might note that I possess a very similar gait to the one Tiga displays here.

There’s also something a bit Warhol-ian about Tiga here, though I can’t tell if its his persona or an actual physical similarity–perhaps a touch of both. Oh well, it’s neither here not there. “(Far From) Home” is a wonderfully comforting, all inclusive jam; perfect for those going out on the town, traveling, or just plain ‘ol missing home a little bit. As a result, I like to keep it tucked away in my playlists at all times for good measure!

Kylie! Gayer Than Ever!

Kylie! Gayer Than Ever!

Good news, Aussies–Kylie Minogue‘s coming back home!

The Summer Daze of Natalie Walker

The Summer Daze of Natalie Walker

As the seasons begin to transition and the nights grow cooler, Natalie

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