Changing While We Wait

Like me, you’ve probably been refreshing the pages of various Britney fan forums for the past 48 hours trying in vain to keep abreast of any and all possible radio stations premiering “Womanizer” in the near future. But alas, Jive is keeping this one zipped tight in their corporate slacks.

Therefore, a distraction is in order. And right now, nothing seems more fitting a distraction than a ’90’s club-infused track featuring the likes of Sia. That’s right friends, it’s Sia on the dancefloor, with the help of Lauren Flax on the track “You’ve Changed.”

“You’ve Changed” is a delicious distraction and gorgeous thumping dive into nostalgic waters. The song is a wonderful representation of its genre: Classic, timeless, and wonderfully soothing. Glossy, glittering chord progressions and warm beats. Yum!

Loads of thanks to fellow partner in crime Michael for the find.

Viva la “Womanizer”!

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