Daily B: Just Can’t Get Enough

Alright, I can’t get this information in fast enough, but try I will.

So Britney shot the video for “Womanizer” at the Elevate Lounge in LA yesterday. According to BreatheHeavy, she plays the role of a waitress, with tattoos running down her arm and a long black wig. Additional dancers also arrived in waitress attire. So far, it sounds quite “Gimme More,” though I have a feeling this one’s going to involve a plot.

Why? Because it has now been officially confirmed that the director will be none other than Joseph Khan, responsible for the videos for “Toxic” and “Stronger.” Fuck yes!

And as I said before, “Womanizer” is going live in less than 12 hours. Britney’s main website just shot off an e-mail confirming this, as well as a n ew blog post with this little zinger: “Oh, and check back in a few hours for a little somethin’ somethin’.” I don’t know what it will be, but usual, I’ll be keeping watch.

For now, the official artwork:

It’s so close I can taste it!

Daily B: On The Radio

Daily B: On The Radio

Alright, this time…it’s official

Girls Aloud: Promising Live

Girls Aloud: Promising Live

My mind is, quite literally, blown

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