“Worth It” Video: Watch Fifth Harmony Become Sexy, Empowered Stock Brokers


Dinah, Lauren, Camila, Normani and Ally, the fabulous fivesome collectively known as Fifth Harmony, are calling the shots…’cause it’s all about control, and they’ve got lots of it. (And if you’re well-versed enough in Pop Divas to check that reference, come sit by me.)

Just ahead of Nick Jonas hosting the Kids’ Choice Awards (SLIME ME, NICK), the teen sensations premiered the sass-filled video on Nickelodeon for “Worth It (feat. Kid Ink),” the horn-heavy Reflection banger that is steadily climbing to become their first legitimate radio hit (!).

Together, the ladies deliver a generous amount of girl group thrusting in front of a stock ticker that scrolls through various feminist-friendly terms (“GLASS CEILING”) and positive affirmations (“GIRL IN POWER”), while the girls split up to provide some individual ferocity in and around the office: Seriously, it’s getting sexy, y’all. This ain’t no Radio Disney sleepover! (Kid Ink also does his thing, but really, it’s all about the Girl Power.)

Are we seeing ’90’s goth choker mamacita Lauren gyrating in the back of that chauffeured ride…with the TOP DOWN, no less?


And Normani giving The Devil Wears Corporate Boss Bitch?


And Dinah Jane looking like A Legitimately Flawless Pop Star?


Yes ma’am(s)! Uplift the children and make that money.

My market prediction? Invest in 5H. Their stock is quickly skyrocketing!


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