Grace Jones: Bleeding Love

Another day, another single. I can’t believe it’s finally coming true, but the Hurricane is steadily hurtling toward our shores! Well…Europe’s shores. Still!

Yesterday saw the Internet debut of “William’s Blood,” the second single off of Grace Jones‘ latest studio album. Just as Pop Magazine described, the song is rich with personal context (“Why don’t you be a Jones, like your sister?”), its lyrics bouncing on top of that classic Jones chugging beat, along with the help of some serious cowbell and choral accompaniment. I can’t help but feel a bit intrusive while listening to the lyrics of the song, as though the pages of Jones’ diary were set to music. It’s partly religious, somewhat mysterious, and rather angry. In other words, classic Grace. The lengthy tune comes together into a grinding, surging final few moments of choral celebration (I got the William’s blood in me!) before topping off with a brief dramatic duet to “Amazing Grace” between the iconic superstar and her mother. Precious!

So we have “Corporate Cannibal,” “This Is Life,” and the remixes of “Hurricane,” and I’ve still got no clue where this album’s heading. A sign of some serious album track diversity! Keep it comin’, Gracey!

On Womanizer…

On Womanizer…

Now that I’ve got my thoughts in order: “Womanizer,” at first

Janelle Monáe: Moonwalking

Janelle Monáe: Moonwalking

Now this is a proper 2008 music video

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